2. Juni 2023 Gudrun Heusner

***SPAM*** Your account is hacked. Your data is stolen. Learn how to regain access.

Hi, I am a hacker, and I have successfully gained access to your operating system. I also have full access to your account. I’ve been watching you for a few months now. The fact is that your computer has been infected with malware through an adult site that you visited. If you are not familiar with this, I will explain. Trojan Virus gives me full access and control over a computer or other device. This means that I can see everything on your screen, turn on the camera and microphone, but you do not know about it. I also have access to all your contacts and all your correspondence. Why did your antivirus not detect malware? Answer: The malware I used is driver-based, I update its signatures every 4 hours. Hence your antivirus is unable to detect its presence. I made a video showing how you satisfy yourself in the left half of the screen, and the right half shows the video you were watching at the time. With one mouse click, I can send this video to all your emails and contacts on your social networks. I can also make public all your e-mail correspondence and chat history on